Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sexy martial arts girls

So thanks to Bob Patterson (check out his site for proper martial art stuff, got me hooked) I stumbled and googled martial arts today, was supposed to mend the fence today but guess that will wait until tomorrow instead :)

Found some amazing photos of gorgeous kick-ass girls. Enjoy.

Fighting Girls 173_23 Fighting Women 168_13 Fighting Women 171_03Hot karate women_16Sexy Karate Girls 167_04

Sorry guys/girls, thought a little shock would be good for you, btw doesn’t she look a little bit to happy doing that kick :)

Sexy Karate Girls 167_06Sexy Karate Girls 167_13Sexy Karate Girls 167_14Sexy Karate Girls 167_23Bloody hell… 

Sexy Karate Girls 167_24Sexy Karate Girls_38


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